the thao 24h

The thao 24h

05.02.2016 (11:46 am) – Filed under: Articles ::

The thao means Sports News in Vietnamese language. Many people are big fan of Sports and that is why, they look for sports news from different sources. Vietnamese people are also similar. You will find many Vietnamese people to seek news on Sports. There are many sources where you will get all of the sports news always but some people seek news from websites. The website www.24th .com is a Vietnams website where you will get all of the news in Vietnamese language. So, local people will enjoy this news site. This is fully entertaining website for Sports fan. Because This site has a special page where you will get news on Sports only. Readers can learn about all of the news on different types of Sports from this site.
The website is not available for non-Vietnamese users. From the Home page of the site (Trang chủ), the user needs click on the Sport (Thể thao) to visit the sports section. From this page, they will get all of the important sports news. Getting news in mother tongue is fully entertaining. Every people love to get news in their own language. The publisher has chosen Vietnamese language for this site. It would be good if they add English language in this website. So, all of the people can use this site.
The website also added some other news information ins this site. From the website, it is very easy to get entertainment news and some more news like weather information, polical news, local and international news easily. The whole website is full of news and nice fonts are used in the website as if all of the readers get suitable environment for reading online news. This website has video laugh, comic and fun for all of the user. This news page has no age restriction.